Singapore Management University (SMU) is an autonomous university established in 2000 and is located in Singapore. SMU has an enrollment of about 10,500 students, 61% of postgraduate and 10% undergraduate students are international students from 44 and 25 countries respectively. 37 full time faculty members teach at SMU, with 40% being international faculty from 29 countries. Singapore Management University is ranked # 477 by the QS Top Universities rankings 2020 and offers bachelors, masters, and PhD programs.

Schools & Programs at Singapore Management University

SMU consists of 6 schools; School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law, School of Social Sciences.

School of Accountancy

School of Accountancy was established in 2001 and is the second largest school in Singapore Management University. The school of accountancy is a global hub for accounting research, services and professionals in the Asia Pacific region. The bachelor’s program in accountancy at SMU was the first American-styled broad based accountancy program in Singapore, with a curriculum that met accreditation requirements of major accounting regulatory bodies.

The school offers one bachelor program; Bachelor of Accountancy (majors in accounting data & analytics, majors in financial forensics) and two master’s programs; Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Science in Accounting (Data & Analytics), Master of Science in CFO Leadership, and one PhD program in Accounting.

Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Singapore Management University started its School of Business in 2000, meanwhile in 2004, the Lee Foundation donated S$50 million to SMU to honor the late Dr Lee Kong Chian, a famous businessman, philanthropist and community leader. Due to the generosity shown by Lee Foundation ,the university decided to rename its School of Business after Dr Lee Kong Chian.

The Lee Kong Chian School of Business has about 3,000 students and more tha n100 faculty members who got their postgraduate degrees and training from renowned universities like Harvard, Cornell, INSEAD, Oxford, Stanford and Yale etc. 

Lee Kong Chian School of Business offers two bachelor programs; Bachelor of Business Management, SMU-SUTD Dual Degree Programme in Technology & Management, and two PhD programs; Doctor of Business Administration, PhD in Business (General Management). While 11 master’s degree programs are also available at the School of Business at SMU, including:

Executive Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
IE-SMU Master of Business Administration
Master of Human Capital Leadership
MSc in Management
MSc in Applied Finance
Global Master of Finance (Dual Degree)
MSc in Communication Management
MSc in Innovation
MSc in Quantitative Finance
MSc in Wealth Management

School of Economics

The School of Economics and Social sciences was established in 2002 at Singapore Management University. But in 2007, the School separated into two different schools into School of Economics and School of Social sciences. Today, School of Economics has 54 full time faculty members having world class experience and an enrollment of more than 1000 students. School of Economics at Singapore Management University aims to create a world class centre for research and education in the field of economics.

​The School of Economics offers a bachelor of science degree in Economics, a PhD in Economics, and two Master’s degree programs, one in Economics and the other in Financial Economics.

School of Information Systems

The School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University has an enrollment of 2,000 students, 65 faculty members and 96 research staff. The School of Information Systems at SMU was formed with the help of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and focuses on several key research areas, including; data science/engineering, cybersecurity, information systems & management, urban systems & operations, intelligent systems & optimization, software & cyber-physical systems.

The School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University offers three bachelor degree programs; Bachelors in information system, Bachelors in computer sciences, Bachelors in computing and law. Three master degree programs are also available; Master of science in Computing, Master of Philosophy in Information Systems, Master of IT in Business. Two PhD programs are also available at School of Information Systems, PhD in Information system, PhD in Computer science.

School of Law

Singapore Management University School of Law, established in 2007 was the second law school in Singapore. School of Law was initially a part of the School of Business between 2000 and 2007 but the department became a full-fledged law school in 2007, welcoming prospective students to its LLB and JD programs.

The programs offered at the School of Law include; Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Science (Computing & Law), Master of Law, Dual LLM in Commercial Law, and Juris Doctor.

School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences was established in 2007, aims to offer students and researchers a multidisciplinary environment and a holistic, integrated approach on social issues. Students enrolled at the school in one social science discipline are encourage to undertake a second major from Social sciences or other schools.

School of Social Sciences at Singapore Management University offers two undergraduate degrees; Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Political Science), and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Politics, Law, Economics). A Master’s in Psychology along with PhD in Psychology is also available at the university.

Study abroad at Singapore Management University

Student Expenses at Singapore Management University

Tuition fee

Tuition fees at Singapore Management University are subsidized by the Singapore government in the form of a grant by the Ministry of Education. Annual (subsidized) tuition fee in undergraduate degree programs for Singapore citizens is S$11,450, for permanent residents the fee is S$16,000, for international students is S$24,500, and non-subsidized fee for international students is S$44,770. The fee for Bachelors of Laws at SMU is a little higher than other bachelor programs. Meanwhile tuition fee in PhD programs for Singapore citizens is S$10,250, for permanent residents the fee is S$14,350, for international students (with 3-year service obligation) is S$21,950, and non-subsidized fee for international students (without a 3-year service obligation) is S$34,133.

Other expenses

Living expenses at the university vary as per the student’s lifestyle and habits. The accommodation costs varies between S$200 to S$700 per month, depending upon geographical area, type of accommodation, facilities and the number of people a room is shared with. Student can expect to spend S$40 to S$100 per month for utility bills (including water and electricity) while the bill depends upon the consumption of water and electricity.

Students are expected to spend S$300 to S$450 per month on transportation, student pass can be obtained for monthly transport usage. An estimated S$50 could be spent on telecommunication related charges each month, depending upon the student’s use of voice, text or data packages. Additionally, books and stationery could cost S$100 per month, while student’s personal expenses could go up to S$100 to S$300 per month (clothes, entertainment, haircut, toiletries, etc).

Facilities at Singapore Management University

SMU has 4 residences for students, namely; Prinsep Street Residences (for full-time SMU undergraduates), Yo:HA Hostel @ Pearl’s Hill (for Full-time SMU undergraduates, masters, and PhD students), Dwell @ Selegie (for exchange students), LYF Funan Singapore (for global summer program students). Other facilities at the SMU include; Gymnasium & Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Basement Studio, Arts & Culture Centre, and Libraries.