Postdoctorate position is available in plant science, with a focus on modelling high photosynthetic performance of Hirschfeldia incana at WUR Netherlands. The university is seeking an enthusiastic candidate with a background (PhD) in biology or plant sciences, and experience in mathematical modelling. Applicants with relevant research experience and passion for photosynthesis and modeling of complex processes are welcomed to apply and join our team of experimenters and modellers in crop physiology.

Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Netherlands is one of the top universities in Europe, ranked #125 in the world (Top QS world university ranking 2020). Established in 1876 as an agricultural college WUR became recognized as a public university in 1918. WUR consists of 5 major chair groups that are involved with the research activities in the university, including; Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, and Plant Sciences.

The current position in is offered at the Plant sciences group under the Center for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA) at WUR. CSA aims to understand crop functioning from its physiological aspects and community ecological processes, the center also works with social scientists to increase the impact of our research and teaching. CSA contributes to sustainable agro-ecology via high quality plant production. The research is focused on improvement and innovation of plant production at various levels from genotypes to cropping systems and production chains.

Postdoc in plant science

The postdoc position in plant science will be supervised by Prof Paul Struik and co-supervised by Dr. Xinyou Yin, Prof. Mark Aarts, Prof. Jeremy Harbinson, and Dr. Steven Driever. The post-doctoral researcher will be responsible for the project “Modelling the high photosynthetic performance of the C3 species Hirschfeldia incana under high light”. The candidate will work in a joint initiative to find out mechanisms underlying high photosynthetic rates in C3 plants combining; genomics, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, and modelling.

The main objective of the project is to create a multi-factor modelling approach to discover mechanisms for the high photosynthetic performance of Hirschfeldia incana in relation to Brassica nigra or Brassica rapa. This type of a multi-factor model users several advanced computational activities, including; a virtual leaf tissue generator, a 3D light propagation model, a 3D microscale reaction-diffusion model of gas transport, a 3D model of within-leaf distribution of photosynthesis capacity, and an extended version of the Farquhar-von Caemmerer-Berry model for photosynthesis. 


  • PhD qualification is required in a related field, e.g. plant science, biology, with an interest in photosynthesis
  • Experience and command in 3D modelling, and biological modelling, along with handling, analyzing and interpreting complex data sets
  • Excellent communication skills, along with the ability to work in a team is essential
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English language is also required at C1 level CEFR. C1 in IELTS (7.0 or above), TOEFL (95 or above in iBT) or equivalent.


Depending on the experience of the candidate, a salary package of minimum of € 3123 to a maximum of € 4274 per month will be given for a full working week of 38 hours. The position is valid for 3 years (based on evaluation and performance) at an international leading organization. Additional benefits like; 8% holiday allowance, end of the year bonus of 8.3%, excellent pension plan, 232 vacation hours. The position offers flexible working hours to create a balance between work and personal life, along with several opportunities for training and education.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, visit the link below. Documentation required for this position includes; CV, cover letter (including a personal statement, motivation, and eligibility for this position), copies of your academic documents from previously attended university (PhD degree) and contact details of two references.

Deadline to apply: May 31, 2020

Contact information

To know more about careers at WUR, Netherlands as a PhD researcher visit the official career website.

Information regarding this position can be inquired from:
Prof. Paul Struik, Email:, Telephone number: +31317484246.

Further information regarding the procedure can be asked at this Email:


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