Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB), Prague of the Czech Academy of Sciences is looking for highly motivated, independent PhD candidates for different research projects in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

IOCB is one of the leading research institutes in the Czech Republic, the research work at the institute if focused on the interaction of chemical sciences, medical sciences, and biological sciences. IOCB was formally formed on 1953, currently there are 49 scientific groups with 191 PhD students, and a workforce of more than 800 employees from 32 nationalities.

19 PhD positions in Chemistry

The list of available projects are mentioned below:

CHEM Group (organic and medicinal chemistry)

Three positions at the Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids Research Group under Michal Hocek

Two positions at the Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleotide Analogues Research Group under Zlatko Janeba

Two positions at the Chemistry of Functional Molecules Research Group under Ivo Starý

Two positions at the Chemistry of Bioconjugates Research Group under Milan Vrábel

BIO Group (biochemistry, bioinformatics, molecular biology)

One position at the Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids Research Group under Hana Cahová

One position at the Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Food Intake Regulation Research Group under Lenka Maletínská

One position at the Cathepsin Proteases in Pathology Research Group under Michael Mareš

Two positions at the Biochemistry of Plant Specialized Metabolites Research Group under Tomáš Pluskal

One position at the Virology Research Group under Jan Weber

PHYS Group (analytical, physical, computational chemistry)

Three positions at the Biomolecular Spectroscopy Research Group under Petr Bouř

One position at the Theoretical Bioinorganic Chemistry Research Group under Lubomír Rulíšek

Important dates and deadlines

Online registration should be done before February 21, 2021. The Interviews will be held between 8 to 12 February 2021. The virtual visit of pre-selected candidates in laboratories will be held from 15 – 19 March 2021.

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Application process

The applicants are allowed to select up to 3 projects (topics can be selected from other groups as well but is not recommended). It is necessary to apply to the project based on you academic and professional background. The documents required to apply include – CV, a cover letter, transcripts from bachelors and masters degree studies.

The candidates can APPLY here for the PhD position. Applicants that are shortlisted will be invited for online interview and will take place on Zoom platform. Results of the selection process will be send in two week. If selected by the PI, the applicants is required to apply for the enrollment at the relevant university. The final result will be sent to the candidates by April 3, 2021 (regardless of selection/no selection).

List of Partner universities

The selected students are required to enroll at a partner university and will be employed by IOCB at the same time (part-time or full time basis) with a competitive salary (a scholarship from the university + a salary from IOCB). The IOCB guarantees a minimum wage of CZK 26,000 (approx EUR 1000) gross with a full-time job.

Each university has its own process, conditions, and deadlines for PhD applications that differ from the IOCB recruitment process. You can discuss details with the respective PI. The list of universities involved with the PhD projects and the deadline to apply to the universities is mentioned below:

The deadlines are subject to change due to the COVID pandemic situation, for accurate information consult the university websites. for more information OR general inquiries, please contact the PhD coordinator – Alena Drda Morávková via email.