Master in Energy Technologies is offered by 4 European universities from Portugal, Germany, France and Sweden. The program focuses on interdisciplinary engineering aspects of sustainable energy sector along with innovation and entrepreneurship in the future energy industry. Master in Energy Technologies is divided into a series of modules, each consisting of individual courses. Students are required to complete their 120 ECTS credits, which results in granting of a double degree from two partner universities.

Master in Energy Technologies description

Energy technologies program enables students to meet complex challenges in energy sector i.e. to develop, operate and analyze future energy technologies. Students learn the ability to realize challenges and problems that require an interdisciplinary approach for innovative solutions. Graduates of the program are able to (1) design new processes and energy systems, (2) Evaluate the feasibility and impact of new energy technologies, (3) Implement ideas and push the development of new energy technologies beyond their current limitations.

Professors help in developing the two-year study path for the students as per the student’s interest. First year is required to be complete at IST: Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal, which can lead to any one of the following specializations: fuels, renewable energy, energy conversion or energy efficiency. During the second year students are required to opt one of the following universities:

At Uppsala University, students can specialize in one of the following modules: energy economics, renewable energy, energy in buildings or decentralized grid. At KIT, students can pursue: engineering thermodynamics, energy technology, thermal turbo-machines, energy technology for buildings, power plant technology, modelling and simulation in energy and fluid engineering. At INP Grenoble, students can chose between renewable energy or energy in buildings specialization. Students receive double degrees from two of the following universities:

  • Grenoble INP Institute of Technology, Master of Science in Fluid Mechanics & Energetics
  • KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Master of Science
  • UU: Uppsala University, Master of Science in Energy Technology
  • IST: Instituto Superior Técnico, Master of Energy Engineering & Management

Admission and Requirements

Bachelor degree with 180 ECTS credits or equivalent in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, electronic engineering, energy engineering. Applicants with bachelor degree in a related subject will be assessed by admissions committee on a case by case basis. After applying for the program (and receiving application number), applicants are required to fill in this form and send it to

To apply for the program, candidates need to apply via online application system. Following documents are required while applying (in PDF format):

  • Bachelor degree certificate and transcript (in original language and translated into English)
  • CV
  • Passport copy
  • Motivation letter
  • English proficiency certificate (IELTS: 6.5. no section below 5.5, TOEFL: 92, 22 or above in writing, CPE/CAE)
  • Additional documents (work experience, internships, awards etc)

There are several application rounds for the Master’s program:

  • Round 1: Oct. 21, 2019 to Nov. 17, 2019
  • Round 2: Nov. 25, 2019 to Jan. 19, 2020
  • Round 3: Jan. 27, 2020 to Mar. 8, 2020
  • Round 4: Mar. 16, 2020 to 26 Apr. 26, 2020
  • Round 5: May 4. 2020 to Jun. 7, 2020

Fees and Scholarships

For 2020 the participation fee is €15,000 per year, students who get admitted need to pay a non-refundable fee of 250 Euros. Several scholarships are available for 2020 session including; Academic excellence scholarship (limited to admission round 1 & 2) awards 15,000 Euros fee waiver and a 750 Euros monthly allowance for 24 months OR a 15000 Euros fee waiver with no monthly allowance. Energy impact scholarship (available for all admission rounds) offers 10,000 Euros in participation fee, all applicants applying to the program will be considered for this scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic results, previous education and university of the candidate along with professional background and affinity with innovation and entrepreneurship. Questions regarding the scholarship application process can be directed to, +443331500488.


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